Sunday Services

Our Approach to Sunday Services

Our regular Sunday Service begins at 9:30AM in the main sanctuary.
Times of special services will vary depending on the occasion.

Worship at Walnut Creek United Methodist Church is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. We come together each week to celebrate what God is doing in our lives, and what God is doing in the world. We create community through prayer, laughter, and experience of the Holy. Our music glorifies God whether it is written by Handel, Andrew Lloyd Webber, or is a gospel tune.

Corporate worship is central to the life of Walnut Creek United Methodist Church.  It is the event and experience out of which grow all of out other activities. Our Christian Education, Outreach, Fellowship and programming all are rooted in the times we gather to worship God.Worship at Walnut Creek United Methodist is relevant, warm, varied, contemporary, balanced, and characteristic of the United Methodist traditions. Its focus is on God. We come together each week to praise God, to pray, to proclaim God’s word, and to make our promises to be God’s people during the rest of the week. We observe the calendar of the Christian year. With its roots in the Bible, this cycle took its basic shape in the early church and continued to develop over the centuries.  Each season has its particular emphasis and significance.  The calendar includes Advent, Christmas, Christmastide, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Eastertide, and Pentecost.  In addition, other special Sundays are celebrated throughout the year.