"There is no elevator, you have to take the steps"

Our congregation recognizes the struggle and celebrate the changes brought about in recovery. As such, we offer an open hand in inviting all who are affected by alcohol and substance abuse to come to a safe place to talk confidentially, ask questions, and receive compassionate fellowship.

We open our doors, engage the community within and without, and advance our church as a healing place. For more information, send a confidential email or leave a confidential voice mail at 925-934-4208 x201.


12-Step Meeting Place

Each week over 1000 people in recovery attend a variety of 12-step meetings to move forward in recovery and hope. As a church our mission is to offer a comforting place that people can meet and connect to those who have walked the path before them. If you need to attend of the anonymous meetings, please download the 12-Step Group schedule and visit one of the meetings. Please call 925-934-4208 x201 if you should have any questions.


Additional Recovery Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous For A.A. offices with information on local meetings, enter city, state or Zip code.

Cocaine Anonymous  - Lists phone numbers by state and gives state website where meetings are listed.

Crystal Meth Anonymous - Click on the area that you are interested in.

Marijuana Anonymous - Provides a list of state meetings.

Methadone Anonymous - Provides a list of state meetings.

Narcotics Anonymous - Enter US and your state or area code, then click Search. Or visit the Contra Costa county page.

Pills Anonymous - Download the PDF of the list of meetings (updated regularly).

Overeaters Anonymous - Provides a list of state meetings.


General Information on Recovery

United Methodist Church - Details on the California-Nevada Conference's commitment to recovery.

United Methodist Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence (SPSARV) is a churchwide initiative that supports United Methodists and ecumenical partners in providing ministries of prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery and advocacy.

Had Enough is a global movement of United Methodist young people, ages 13-25, who raise awareness, educate themselves and others about substance abuse, and start ministries that reach out to other young people affected by alcohol and drugs.